Corporate Governance

Start Date: 16 March 2018
End Date: 16 March 2018

  Presentation on Corporate Governance to ACAL Members ACAL Headquarters   March 16th 2018, 2:00 - 5:30 pm       2:00 pm – 3:45 pm      Corporate Governance: Definition, Tools and Services Presentation and Open Discussion   Part 1: What is Corporate Governance and why is it important? Part 2: What are the tools which companies can use to improve their Corporate Governance (IFC/Tamayyaz Corporate Governance[...]

ACAL Lebanese Oil & Gas Energy Insurance Pool Moving Forward …

Start Date: 26 January 2018
End Date: 26 January 2018

The association is organizing a one day seminar on the 26.1.2018 in Acal premises on the theme: Acal Lebanese Oil & Gas Energy insurance Pool Moving Forward…  Please find attached the seminar program The participation is $200 per person including coffee breaks and[...]

ACAL Lebanese Oil & Gas Energy Insurance Pool

Start Date: 13 July 2017
End Date: 13 July 2017

  Dear Visitors,   Following our training seminar on the Lebanese Oil & Gas Insurance Energy Pool held on July 13 in the ACAL auditorium, the Association is glad to share with you the presentations and the speeches that were given during this seminar. [...]

ACAL Business English Courses 2017

Start Date: 03 April 2017
End Date: 30 April 2017

     ACAL, with the collaboration of AMIDEAST, is pleased to announce the launch of its eighth program Business English Course for the interested employees of its members. This course is designed for employees who wish to continue their studies at a more advanced level. The emphasis in this course is on the English language as it is used in an office. Elements include: the proper format for writing a memo, a letter and an E–mail correspondence as well as[...]

Introduction to Business Interrutpion Insurance

Start Date: 07 March 2017
End Date: 08 March 2017

ACAL in collaboration with Ms. Liliane Baaklini is conducting a new training seminar on “ Introduction to Business Interruption Insurance” which will take place on the 7th & 8th of March 2017 between 01:30 and 5:00 PM in ACAL premises.   By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:   1)     Define Business Interruption Insurance, its purpose and main features 2)     Understand BI terminology[...]