ACAL Business English Courses 2017

Start Date: 03 April 2017
End Date: 30 April 2017
Location: ACAL Hazmieh & Ashrafieh, AMIDEAST Riad El Solh



 ACAL, with the collaboration of AMIDEAST, is pleased to announce the launch of its eighth program Business English Course for the interested employees of its members.

This course is designed for employees who wish to continue their studies at a more advanced level.

The emphasis in this course is on the English language as it is used in an office.

Elements include: the proper format for writing a memo, a letter and an E–mail correspondence as well as the specific language for technical English. Employees will be asked to make presentations using visual aids, write their resume, and will practice writing various forms of letters and job interviews. They will become familiar with the terminology of the business world.

   Duration:  32 hours per course

   Schedule:  Two times a week for Two hours every session (From 5h:00 PM till 7h:00 PM)

   Premises:  ACAL Hazmieh, ACAL Ashrafieh & AMIDEAST  Riad El Solh    

   Cost :         350 US Dollars per student including books. 

This includes a Course Certificate from AMIDEAST for each employee.

Maximum number of students per course:  18 students.

Students who already passed successfully the previous program will automatically benefit from the higher level offered in this year’s program.

For new candidates, a Placement Test will be applied.

The Course is previewed starting beginning April 2017.

If you are interested in this course, we invite you to register before March  10th 2017 and send the attached form to or to



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